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1h 21min   |   Language   |  Distributed by Terror Films

Evil at the Door (2022)

The Locusts. A secret guild that, once per year, treats its members to a night of violent home invasions. And this year's "Night of the Locusts", happens to be this very evening.... Tensions run high between Daniel and Jessica after her burnout sister, Liz, shows up unannounced. While the feuding parties go to opposite areas of the house, everyone's worst nightmare is forming in the backyard: four masked Locusts have arrived for their twisted night of 'fun'. As Jessica locks herself in the bathroom for a bubble bath, Liz lounges on her bed. Unbeknownst to them, Daniel has already been bound and gagged by the intruders downstairs. Just as the men make their way upstairs, Liz catches sight of them and attempts to warn Jessica - but to no avail. With nowhere to go, Liz takes shelter under the bed just as the masked men enter the room. As The Locusts engage in their sick games with Daniel and Jessica, Liz can only stay hidden under the bed. Thus begins a unique game of cat and mouse, where the cat does not even know another mouse is hiding nearby.

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