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New Trick 6 Films Projects

Trick 6 Films, LLC, is proud to announce an exciting opportunity for all potential investors to partner with Trick 6 Films on their next produced independent film. We collaborate closely with all our investors throughout all the production (PrePro, Production and Post) stages.  To understand the type of films we are producing, please take a look at some of our future film ideas.

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The Riddle House

Rockstar forced to take a break from his high paced life, and enjoy some peace and quiet, soon finds out this unexpected house is anything but.

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TRICK (Coffin 3)

The infamous villain, Trick, has resurfaced with a band of outlaws, leaving murder and mayhem in their wake. After the discovery of the bodies of Jack and Rona Samms, ex-partners Scott and Epperson – still living in the shadow of disgrace – are forced together again for questioning by the Bureau. Finally at their breaking point, they decide to

lay a trap to lure Trick and his posse into the open. But just like old times, Trick is one step ahead of them and has his own agenda: to tie up all loose ends.

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Virgin Birth

Trick 6 Films and Bad Idea Entertainment are teaming together to bring this new captivating story of Mary's life from the Annunciation to the birth of Jesus. With a culmination of compelling storytelling, excellent cinematography, and fantastic editing and a stellar cast and crew, this feature release is bound to be a hit. 

More information coming soon.

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